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Post by Mystic on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:04 am

Ok here is a pack i made it needs more memebers it is to stay active. I will post the link below and a little about it. Please join if you wish! Razz


Once a very long time ago Three breeds lived in peace; Elemental, Pure wolf, and Dire. But all that changed when a wolf named, Damien broke the balance. Having Death as an Element as well fire did he cause coas though the magick wolf lands. The three breeds grew close to their kind and whent at war with the other packs. They called themselves The Aneas Pack, The Caesar Pack, and The Maccarter Pack. Damien Became the now known Dark lord, reeking mischif on the lands. Many good wolves died. Until 3 years later The Dark Lord almost wiped out the three packs and took over the lands to himself was an omean sent by the history of dead pack members, a blue ish silver wolf would be born and defeat the cold hearted Dark Lord to his end. 2 months later that very pup was born her name, Silverwing. the pack did not know she was the wolf of the omean. When the day came for Silverwing to find her true elements; Once at the moon stone did she feel the rush of many elements. Hours passed as she descoverd her desdeny. Walking back to her pack with the hint of a magick scent on her fur did her pack find out what she was made for. Ever since that day the pack treated her with higher respect. She felt odd foand out of place. That night when she slept she drempt of her destany. Waking the next morening did she say her farewells and set off to maybe her death or the new beginings of the packs at war. Late that afternoon a golden Hawk flew above her and soon landed carring a message. Reading the note did Silverwing grow cold, geting up did she run to her pack for the Dark Lord attacked while she was gone. Once she made it she was too late, seeing the devastaion did she walk around seeing dead lifless bodys every where. Stoping dead to see her mother and fathers lifless bodys. Unable to go to them did she run off to the palace of the Dark lord. Days whent by until she finally made it. Stoping at the huge doors did she walk in only to see the throne, Damien siting there smirking with laughter at her. seeing his pure black pelt did she attack feeling the rush of a fight over whelm her. "You killed them! You monster, your going to pay for your crims!" yelling the words as she lunched herself to life an death. Chuckling did he speak with mocking laughter " I did not think hard young Silverwing. Theres a traitor in your pack, so beware!" laughing as his image swade did he move with the reek of death and acide smell of fire. "Run while you can silver!" he growled then caused fire to fourm a circle around them. "Fear me and i wont hurt you... much!" feeling the devil eyes locked on her did silver use her first element: water. But fear took over here and for some odd reason Damien grew bigger and bigger. "Thats right Silver fear me..." growing bigger by the min did Silverwing stop fearing as rage took over her slim slender body. "NO!" she howled " I will never EVER fear you you killed my mother and father. So you will suffer!" gathering her elements did her pelt glow silver and her eyes glow a stary night blue. "Never will we Dire, Elemental, and Pure wolves be under your command. Nor will we suffer from your cold heartedness or fall for your stupid tricks! We will thrive without you. while your in your imprisonment!" her voice echoing with the hundreds of dead history wolves projecting her voice. Haveing all the elements in the air did she fly them at him locking him into a ball. "NO! You will pay i bewarn you all!" Locking his cold red eyes on Silver did he speak "Well well now my sister imprisoned me.." Years passed and a new pup was born named Blue, Im Blue this is my history for my uncle was bloodthirsty... and i have to live with that...

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