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Crystal Lake Pack

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Crystal Lake Pack Empty Crystal Lake Pack

Post by Keifer on Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:48 am

Crystal Lake Pack
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The Crystal Lake Pack is a forum where you possess a certain elemental power that you and your pack share. An alpha from each pack carries the crystal that represents the element of their pack, it is a big responsibility to care for the crystal and protect it. There are 8 packs:

Kasai Pack- fire
The element of Fire is both creative and destructive, its qualities are Brightness, is Active. Fire is a masculine element, its aspects being change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. It is sexuality, both physical and spiritual. BASIC NATURE of the Pack is Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, forceful Active, Bright and Creative.They can also be easily angered.

Mizu Pack- Water
Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones. Basic nature of the Pack is Calm and friendly. They are also loyal and can be vengeful. 

Kūki Pack – wind
Air is the power of the mind, the force of intellect, inspiration, imagination. It is ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Nature of the Pack is easy going and passionate. they are territorial and prefer not to fight but are not afraid to. they are kind and realistic. 

Chiyu pack- earth
Earth is the element of stability, foundations and of the body. The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. Nature of the pack is steady and strong. they can be stubborn yet wise. 

Kōri Pack - ice
Ice is the element of calmness. Nature of the pack is calm and willing. they often get into trouble that they dont start. they stick to their ways and prefer not to change.

Inazuma Pack – lightning
Nature of the Pack is quick to act and very friendly. they are fighters and wait for the right minute to strike if threatened. they are often alert and active

Raito Pack – light
The Nature of the Pack is high spirited and kind. the are pure and live at the highest nature. they dont hold a grudge but can fight fiercely.

Dāku Pack – Dark
The nature of the pack is dark and mysterious. not much is known about the pack. they are dangerous and are often mistreated.

If you wish to join us, click the link to the forum above and go to the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] section. If you need any help, ask one of the administrators to guide you!

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