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The Prophecy and the begining w.i.p

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The Prophecy and the begining w.i.p Empty The Prophecy and the begining w.i.p

Post by Eternity on Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:17 am

Long ago...the ‘Aumakuas wolves ruled. They found a place where they thought they would be safe to live amongst wolves. However they where wrong...unknowingly they where turning weak and normal. The first wolf to know this was the  ‘Aumakua,  Aquirrle.  He was given a vision by an Kupuna, Aquirrle, who was the leader of the ‘Aumakua, gave a rule that would also hurt himself.   "From now on ‘Aumakua, can only go to the Wolf Lands for short periods of time. Any off-spring consevied will have to be abandoned in vision but not in thought or words. You may speak to your children threw your mind alone, I know this may not seem fair. However I cannot have one of the ‘Aumakua ever turn normal, as our age is greater then any who walk the Wolf Lands. If you where to turn wolf you would die a horried death, turining to dust. Just as we all came from,  however the pain would be as if your fur coats where ripped off and thrown into the salty sea. This will not happen quickly so your death will be long and painful."  Aquirrle knew that by saying these words a wall formed between him and his dire mate as well as his pups.  The wall was not concert or brick, but glass so he can always see them but never again could he go near them.  However when his first litter died from a sudden snow storm, his pups had not survived. He felt his mate's pain and this alone brung them together again, the lust in their eyes soon resulted in another litter. Aquirrle knew he was turning wolf when he felt those first sharp pains, so he left his mate once more. This time never returning to her, however when his pups died to bears, cougars, and birds of prey only one lived. This pup was not ment to live, his son, Eternity, with this pup came a prochecy. One Aquirrle himself told to his son himself, "Six packs will rule, the frozen valley will be lead by the wolf of shapes and structior. Conflicts between the packs will result in blood shed, some of many innocent. War will rise, ready your self, prepare; the time will come when the planet tilt's apon it's fourth axis. This will not only be danger, creeping and nipping at your heals. Foam and death will bring you to your knees, the breaking point is near. Will you rise with the waves or fall with them?"

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