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Post by Eternity on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:06 pm

1.) No double posting
2.) You must be the age 10 & up to join
3.) You are allowed to swear but ages 10 and 11 only can alittle

  • Don't ever curse or swear toward anyone on this site

4.) Try to post as much as 2-3 sentences for rp and 3 words for other posts.
5.) You may have up to 22 characters on one account

  • 3 accounts are allowed here. Make sure you don't go over 3 accounts, these three acounts will be your main characters.

6.) Land of the wolf is copyrighted to Eternity, so do not copy his ideas/work upon other sites. If you do so and we find out their will be server consequences weither its online or in the real world.
7.) Do not threaten others, if you are not kidding or playing; you will most likely be banned because we care for our users safety.
8.) Do not disrespect Alphas or Beta even if theyre not in your pack! Also Alphas and Betas do not disrespect other users..

  • If you disrespeat anyone it is higly frowned upon.

9.) Do not submit art that isnt yours, you can submit art you colored or edited, but do not claim it as your unless you drew it yourself. (For that will get you in trouble in the real world.) Make sure to cridit the art owners if you know who they are.
10.) Do not call others out of their name and NEVER EVER be raciest! this is a raciest free site, if you dont like it move on. If we get evedience that you were raciest you will most likely be banned from the chat for a few days and have a lower rank, also you will not be able to pm only post.
11.) If you are a female/male you may have characters of the opposite gender, and no one will make fun of you and if so tell your alpha.
12.) You can have more than one crush.

  • Your wolf can have a mate but still like someone else or have a crush.

13.) You must notify your Alpha if you get a mate and the girls can ask the female alphas if they need dating advice and the males can ask the male alphas if they need dating advice.
14.) Cheating is isnt allowed. It will spice up rp a little. If your cought and your mate is hurt or angry she/he has the right to ask the Alpha to do something about it. However this does not mean that he/she might be banned. The Alpha can assign chores for the cheater to do, and the cheater will have the shame of cheating. As everyone would know, and please don't make bad comments about the person rping the wolf. The wolf might just be a player or his/her dislikes sticking with one wolf.
15.) In rp you can cuddle and stuff with your mate/crush but do not get to fiesty! If you want to mate do it in pm, add "..." to the end of your post, or fade to a color that blends in to the background.
16.) Thinking of having pups? You may have pups but notify your alpha first. Also do not add to many details of  you having the pup(s) in rp.

  • Most pups you may have will not live or may be a small litter.

  • Check with Eternity about how many you will have. (he will do dice rolls for sex, coat, eyes, build, live or die, and the size of the litter)

  • (this changes often so well know if you read it or not) Secret answer is: Happy Halloween!

  • You can buy stuff in the shop in order to get a better chance of having a larger litter.

17.) Someone can be the pup, but have to earn the money to be able to change their name.

18.) You can have up to 22 characters here on all accounts together not separate, that is if you can keep them active. If you don't want a char then set it up for adoption, kill him/her in rp, have someone kill him/her in rp, or have the wolf run out of these lands.

  • Remember 3 accounts are allowed more then that is NOT allowed unless on special cases. Ask Eternity if your case allows you to get another account.


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